Meath need to speculate to accumulate

Your columnist meant to post this a few days ago – a few thoughts on GAA developments this week: Even though the admission of Kerry to Leinster underage hurling competitions would upskuttle the provincials even more, if it makes more counties – and consequently competitions – more attractive and competitive then it’s difficult to see a problem with it.

Furthermore, even the most ardent conservative must accept that the provincial championships in their current form aren’t fit for purpose. Something already acknowledged with the re-structuring of the football championships for the forthcoming season.


News from the Meath Co Board Convention that the Pairc Tailteann upgrade has stalled is very disappointing, debt related to such an undertaking is an inevitability but would surely be a case of shorter term pain for long term gain. Cork ran into bother with Pairc Ui Chaoimh but received help with same. And now they have what looks to be a magnificent stadium which has been proven capable of hosting several sports, and cursed rock concerts.


You’d have to admire Portarlington, going for a third successive Laois SFC in ’23, they’ve acquired the services of Anthony Cunningham. It’s hardly coincidence that the clubs with ambition and the courage to match it are the serially successful ones.

Just as with the scenario regarding Meath and Pairc Tailteann, even at club level these days, you have to speculate to accumulate. Unfortunately, to even do that you have to be possessed of ambition and guts. Qualities sadly lacking in certain places.

Anthony Cunningham is back in club management

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