Freezing safely is better than dodgy double Glazing

Some people seemingly just can’t help themselves. If you thought the Glazers’ days of screwing and/or destroying Manchester United were over, think again.

Just when it appeared the asinine Americans or their underlings couldn’t do any further damage to the club, they’ve only gone and outdone themselves.

Not content with diverting money away from Old Trafford in favour of their other football interests, standing idly by and letting the best and most important player at the club leave on a whim, hiring dung standard managers and firing decent ones, they’ve somehow managed to affix a disgusting cherry onto an already sour cake.

Avram and Joel Glazer

How, I hear you ask. By inexplicably managing to see another ‘priority signing’ gazumped from under their noses. Yes, that’s right folks, Cody Gakpo is signing for LIVERPOOL despite Erik ten Hag – or Erik Send Back as I prefer to call him – giving the impression the acquisition of the Dutch player was a done deal.

But you can throw that one on the pile with Matijas De Licht and Erling Haaland and James Maddison and Frenkie de Jong and whoever else you fancy to name as monumental f**k ups and missed opportunities. Sadly, like my own GAA club, if you don’t have the ambition, you surely won’t achieve advancement.

For all that Liverpool fans might give out about Fenway Sports Group (FSG), the Anfield outfit hit an incalculable jackpot several times over. Which has enabled them to engage the services of the best manager in club football anywhere in club football anywhere in Jurgen Klopp. That, in turn has led to the six time European Champions to recruit some of the top playing talent in the world.

The latest being the pilfering of Gakpo right from under United’s noses. Of course, from the point of view of the player, it was a non contest once FSG et al came calling. How could you blame the lad? United now are of similar status to other also rans like Tottenham and Chelsea and, ironically as things stand, Liverpool.

Double Glazing in 99% of situations is a good thing, but, the sooner the two shattering idiots get out of Manchester the better.

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