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End Of Year Quiz

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Including the penalty shootout, Killian Mbappe hit the net four times in the World Cup Final, but which of the other three were from open play?

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How many times has Rory McIlroy won the FedEx Cup?

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Colm O’Rourke has enlisted his own former manager as part of his backroom team, what age did Sean Boylan turn earlier this month

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Which Dutch Darts star is often referred to as the AubergeniusĀ 

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It has been mooted that Katie Taylor will have a rematch against Amanda Serrano at Croke Park, where did the original bout take place?

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Rachael Blackmore is assured of her position in the annals of racing history due to her exploits with a horse named after a plant (Honeysuckle) but what song lyrics did she also knock a winning tune out of?

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This player became the third member of his family to be stationed on the same line in an All Ireland FinalĀ 

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Who did the Meath Ladies defeat in their National League Final earlier this year?

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Ireland’s hugely successful rowers are based in what part of CorkĀ 

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Sacked Tipperary hurling manager Colm Bonnar played for what club?

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