Hopefully ten Hag has learned his lesson

Nearly all of the gags so brilliantly delivered by the late, great Brendan Grace were relatable to everyday life. Certainly from the viewpoint of an Irish person. Sure we were all told to “Shut your mouth and eat your dinner” or” Stop running and get over here immediately” or, my personal favourite, “There are millions of children in Africa starving who’d love that dinner. Yeah? Name one of them”!

The other one which ‘Bottler’ often made a skit out of was “Biting the hand that feeds you”. It mightn’t be a bad idea for somebody to enlighten Erik ten Hag about the latter. Dropping Marcus Rashford is all very well when he comes off the bench, scores the winner and thus keeps United’s upturn in fortunes going.

But it’s a gamble that never should’ve been taken. It’s bad enough that the manager has ran the club’s erstwhile best and most important player out of the club without him rubbing their only remaining decent forward up the wrong way.

Especially with Rashford just having resisted temptation from further afield. If, as is being reported, he was left out of the starting 11 against Wolves because he was late for training. I couldn’t care less if Rashford decided he wanted to train on the moon as long as he continues to spearhead United’s return to form.

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