Podge points a dozen to secure Seoirse’s maiden win



Padraig O’Hanrahan replaced Nicky Potterton before the start of this Kehoe Cup opening round encounter and accounted for two thirds of Meath’s scores as Seoirse Bulfin’s side came away from Bray Emmets with an encouraging win.

This corner has seen other media outlets labour on the fact that the majority of the Ratoath clubman’s scores were from dead balls but for me, and the likelihood is most would agree, it wouldn’t matter a jot if he threw them over so long as they counted.

The visitors recovered well from an early goal by Wicklow’s main marksman Andy O’Brien to have got to parity by half time (0-10 to 1-07) before kicking on well thereafter. The Royal and Garden Counties are well used to meeting at this level and as is often the case in these situations, their familiarity with each other means there’s never much between the sides when they do meet.

However, what was perhaps most encouraging about last night’s victory was the fact that the new manager was able to give ‘game time’ to so many new faces. Which in itself indicates that there is plenty of strength and depth in the county. That, in turn, bodes well going forward.

MEATH: C. Ryan; C. Shirren, A. O’Connor, B. McKeon (0-1); M. Healy, J. Toher, S. Geraghty; E. Fitzgerald (0-1), D. Shine; D. Healy, S. Ennis, L. Horan; P. Barnwell, C. Rogers (0-4), P. O’Hanrahan (0-12). Subs – K. Donnelly for O’Connor, N. McLarnon for Toher, N. Potterton for Barnwell, P. Kelly for Horan, M. Burke for Shine, K. Swaine for Fitzgerald.

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