Freddie Mercury could see what some still can’t

Is this the world we created, we’ve made it on our own. Is this the world we devastated, right to the bone? If there’s a God, what must he think of what we’ve done, to the world that he created? “

I think the first line quoted above was the title of the moving number sung by Freddie Mercury but couldn’t swear on it. To the best of my knowledge, the late Queen frontman sang it at Live Aid in Wembley during July of 1985. It was also performed at the concert held in tribute to Mercury at the same venue in 1992, a few months after his untimely passing.

The King of Queen: Freddie Mercury

Is this the world we created. We’ve made it on our own. What else was there to think when news broke tonight (Irish time) that a SIX YEAR OLD kid was in custody in America for shooting his teacher.

Six. In the first Grade. Which, in my admittedly loose understanding of the US education system is about equivalent to Senior Infants here. A six year old here would barely know how to tie their own laces.

How do you even begin to process that? How does a six year old get their hands on a gun, let alone know how to use it? What sort of moron leaves a gun and/or ammunition where any kid can get at them? Moreover, how the f*ck does a kid get into a school with a gun and nobody notice? Are there literally no checks and/or sanctions regarding who can or can’t own a firearm?

I’ll tell you how it’s allowed to happen, because a dangerous percentage of the American electorate are clueless idiots. The type that literally would vote for Peter Griffin or Homer Simpson if they appeared on a ballot paper. I was going to say Krusty The Klown here, but sure they already had him for four years before sleepy Joe took over.

Point being – and this can be justifiably affixed to any voting cohort – there’s a large swathe of society who would vote for somebody with a bit of profile even if they knew as much about politics as a cow does about Bank Holidays. See Biden’s predecessor.

In fairness, the following doesn’t need to apply to all who enter politics but without doubt when dealing with a gasbag like Trump, he was only in it for what he could get out of it for himself. In his case, to attempt to bury his presumably dodgy tax dealings.

What makes that smarmy situation even worse is that a sizable quantity of Republican Party supporters are redneck gun nuts. Which is why, as long as the likes of Trump and his ilk have any scintilla of influence, there will neither be the interest or inclination to do anything about gun culture in the US.

But how many Columbines will it take? How many Sandy Hooks? How many families destroyed? Christ Almighty is a kid nearly not old enough to pee unaided having access to – never mind knowing how to use – a firearm not wake up call enough?

In so many ways the United States is the greatest place on earth but the dangerous idiocy of an unfortunately significant number forever threatens to screw the wonderfully majority.

Consider that, after madman Michael Ryan perpetrated the Hungerford Massacre in 1988, UK politician Douglas Hurd banned semi automatic hand guns immediately. When is somebody in the home of the brave going to live up to the name and have the balls to shout stop?

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