Offaly poor form sees Louth into Final of farcical O’Byrne Cup

Offaly manager Liam Kearns should practice what he preaches. Either that or consider the meaning of put up or shut up. Earlier this week, the Kerry native had a right whinge about other counties conceding walkovers in the Bord Na Mona O’Byrne Cup. In a way, he may have had a point.

If he had, though, it quickly lost all credibility when, lo and behold, it was announced those who he is currently in charge of wouldn’t be fulfilling their semi final fixture against Louth. Thus giving Mickey Harte’s charges clear passage through to the final of the early season competition despite having only played two matches.

Classy Louth attacker Sam Mulroy

The Faithful County boss is of course right in saying the “Credibility of the competition is shot” owing to the spate of cancellations. However, whereas his tone was hinting at disbanding the competition altogether going forward, same would be an atrocious development which it would be hoped would be vehemently resisted by those in the corridors of power.

Firstly as it would be an abhorrent betrayal of Bord Na Mona’s sponsorship and, more importantly, the Injured Players Fund, which has traditionally been the beneficiary of the January competitions in all four provinces.

Then there’s the fact that Meath would be entitled to feel more than a little hard done by having been eliminated from the competition despite having gone through their group fixtures unbeaten. And especially against the backdrop of the chaos tolerated in other groups.

Still, I’m sure both Louth and Longford will relish the opportunity to attain some early season silverware. More luck to them.

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