Dempsey departure GAA peculiarity at its finest

Temptation was to begin this piece with reference to people starting things and not finishing them and having form for same. Perhaps best to leave that parked though. If only because Ray Dempsey could hardly have started much in Limerick and today he departed after just five league games.

Ironically only days after getting their best result thus far, drawing with Meath on Sunday last. Aside from Pat Flanagan’s shafting of Meath club Ballinabrackey after being lured to Kildare by the Euro signs (He’s far from the first to contract that virus) it must be the shortest managerial term anywhere in a long time. Though Liam Harnan and Barry Callaghan resigning on ‘Banty’ in typical sulky fashion would get within a short head.

From the outside, it came as quite the surprise that Billy Lee stood down from the football job Shannonside at the end of last season. Especially given the commendable progress they had made under his stewardship.

Classy Limerick forward Hugh Bourke

Though it’s probably indicative of where football stands in Limerick that Lee was more enticed by the idea of managing Nemo Rangers at club level in Cork than remaining at the helm in the Treaty City.

Still, even that wouldn’t explain how things have imploded so quickly. Ray Dempsey came highly recommended and sought after and with a very impressive CV. Forged with both his native Knockmore and Mayo.

According to Marty Morrissey – who broke the story of Dempsey’s departure at lunchtime on Friday – it appears that there was at least an element of player power involved in these latest developments.

This writer would be very much on the fence with regard to same. There would absolutely be a belief that players should have a say in their own setup. But in this case, if Marty’s hunch is even near the truth, the moves down south today could end up being highly counter productive. In the medium or long term at least.

However, in the short term, from a Meath perspective, hope would be that there wouldn’t be a backlash from those now being guided by hitherto coach Mark Fitzgerald. As, no matter what happens between Kildare and Limerick, it could impact on our prospects going forward.

Of course, if we can take care of our own business that solves everything. Don’t rule it out.

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