Spurs appear to have Post delivered

It appears delusional Tottenham Hotspur supporters will have to wind their necks in and, more than likely, be made to look very silly. With almost pompous arrogance, fans of the underwhelming North London club were bleating that Ange Postecoglou wasn’t “good enough” to manage their club and that they “deserved better”. Who do they think they are? Mid table mud at best, and never far from relegation fodder.

The reality is that it could be realistically contended that there are a handful of clubs in London better than them. Never mind the rest of England and Europe. That Harry Kane has been fighting a lone battle to keep his club relevant is beyond question. The bigger quandry is why.

Although sometimes the solution straight in front of you is, in fact, the right one. Consider that, even since the inception of the Premier League 31 years back, Tottenham have employed some of the best and highest profile managers in the game and still wouldn’t win an argument! They can’t all have been bad judgement and/or bad luck.

The entire football world knows that the major problem at the club is in the Chairman’s office, Daniel Levy. You’d imagine that there will be no great improvement in anything for Spurs until the balding bully boss is given the boot.

Now, at this stage, I will gladly admit to not knowing a jot about Postecoglou when he took in Paradise, but, even allowing for long-held reservations about Scottish football, you couldn’t but be impressed by what he has achieved up there.

The future for the Austrailian-Greek coach and those who are seemingly now his former employers will be interesting to observe, to say the least. Big Ange looks like a rough and ready kind of guy and he will need to be every bit of that going into the bear pit of doing business with Levy.

Of most immediate concern, though, will surely be ironing out the situation regarding Harry Kane. Surely even the player himself at this stage must realise that he has more chance of winning a Nobel Prize in science than collecting a trophy with Spurs.

Then, as if dealing with the whole circus around the forward and whether he wants to be there or not wasn’t enough for any incoming manager to deal with, there’s the matter of big money signings who have turned out to be pure dung. Yes Richarlison, that means you!

By the time he sifts through all that, the new boss will surely be wondering what he has let himself in for. For their part, Celtic would hardly have expected to be in the manager market at this time. But even if Spurs are notorious bluffers, the money the English league has to offer would presumably be difficult for anybody to turn down. However, there’s also a massive attraction to the Celtic job. The hoops always have been and always will be a bigger club than Tottenham. It’s not their fault that the competition they face is paltry at best.

Thus, it’s hardly surprising that there would be plenty of interested parties linked with the now vacant Manager’s office in Paradise. Including a couple of former holders of the role. Neil Lennon and Brendan Rodgers. I would be a fan of both men for different reasons. Lennon was the most perfect fit for the Celtic job there could be. In contrast, I believe Dermot Desmond et al would be daft to let Rodgers anywhere near his old post.

Ange Postecoglou

Yes, he brought success to the hoops, but bear in mind the circumstances. For at least some of the time, there was nobody in the other half of Glasgow to contend with. Other than that, to my mind, the Antrim man is a perfect fit for the phrase Jose Mourinho once applied to Arsene Wenger – a specialist in failure.

Right, so he also led Leicester to an FA Cup success, but the aforementioned achievements cannot outweigh the disappointments to which he has been party. Steven Gerrard got lampooned when Liverpool presented the league title on a platter to Chelsea, but that missed the most glaring point altogether.

The midfielder’s slip did indeed let Demba Ba in for the goal which delivered the league title in Mourinho’s second coming. But to focus solely on same is to ignore the other points dropped, particularly on that run-in and most especially against Crystal Palace. At least some of that had to be down to bad management.

In one sense, you couldn’t really say Celtic need to get their house in order, with Ange having been installed in London by the time you’re reading this, it’ll be interesting to see if he brings any of Celtic’s fine China with him. If he does, the Celts could do far worse than hire a Potter!

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