Rispin returns to steady Royal ship

How oft have you heard it said, when the bovine excrement hits the fan, go back to basics. To what’s known best and trusted. This corner has no intention of going into the nuts and bolts of why Davy Nelson and his team stepped down. Quite simply because they are not known. Nor do they want to be. So to engage in conjecture on same would be nothing other than idle speculation. That does nobody any good.

However, what will be said is whoever arrived at the notion to get Jenny Rispin aboard ought to be applauded. Personally, I would have loved to see Eamonn Murray back involved but can totally understand the multiple reasons why he wouldn’t want to step back in.

Irrespective of what went on which culminated in Nelson’s departure, what’s important now is that focus returns to on-field matters. The Summerhill club woman will bring a wealth of experience to the role – both from a distinguished playing career and having previously stepped into the breach when Diane O’Hora vacated the role.

Jenny Rispin has answered the Royal County’s call once more

Speculation was mounting on Friday evening that Jenny may have Paul Garrigan, Eugene Eivers and Michelle Grimes as part of a quickly convened backroom team. The crux there is, the two lads mentioned above are, of course, involved with Colm O’Rourke and the mens team.

So the question surely would have had to be asked, if the rumour is on the mark, do the two men double job or would that necessitate a shake up in the men’s camp as well. Absolutely far from ideal. Thankfully, mind you, in between this piece being started and reaching the finish line, it has been confirmed that Paul and Eugene are indeed going to play a dual role. We don’t realise how lucky we are in Meath to have them.

Paul Garrigan should be regarded as Meath football’s prized asset

Hopefully Jenny’s appointment will quench the disquiet of the last week so that focus can now return to on-field matters. Which, despite all which has happened in the last week, are not in as bad a situation as it be thought in some quarters.

After all, aside from not making the National League final, their preparation for their defence of the Brendan Martin Cup hasn’t been too far removed from last term. As in, qualified for the Leinster Final, lost it and then reset and go again in defence of the big one. Time to let the boots do the talking.

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