Meath bidding to seal home comforts

Jenny Rispin has named the same Meath team as was programmed to take on Waterford on Sunday last ahead of the weekend’s Round Robin encounter with Donegal on Saturday evening at Pairc Tailteann. Victory in which will guarantee the defending All Ireland Champions home comforts at the third last hurdle in that defence.

The old adage declares that paper won’t refuse ink but it would be wagered that the Meath team as currently listed will not be worth the paper its written on. It is far more likely that Meadhbh Byrne and Emma Duggan will again trade places with Megan Thynne and Niamh Gallogly respectively.

Jenny Rispin oversaw on important win for Meath last week

MEATH – M. McGuirk; A. Sheridan, M.K. Lynch, K. Newe; M. Byrne, S. Ennis, E. Duggan; M. O’Shaughnessy, A. Minogue; M. Thynne, V. Wall, N. Gallogly; O. Lally, S. Grimes, N. O’Sullivan.

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