New Brady bunch, same outcome

The two greatest things derived from reading Con Houlihan’s mesmeric meanderings were a vastly increased vocabulary and an ability to scribe on a much broader range of subject matter. Or, to be more accurate, having the confidence to do so. … Continue reading New Brady bunch, same outcome

Big quarter asked – and expected to be delivered

When it comes to team sports, who is the most important player? The question is posed in the context of positions. Naturally, it will differ from one sport to another but, the bottom line is, with team games, one position tends to be deemed the most pivotal above all others. Thus, those that fill said berth carry greatest responsibility. For example, many might feel midfield is the most important spot on a GAA team, on the other hand, in football, centre back is generally the oar that keeps the ship afloat. Centre forward must be regarded as the fulcrum of … Continue reading Big quarter asked – and expected to be delivered

Another case of dodgy Patriotism?

Call it bandwagon hopping, a guilty plea will readily be entered. As regular readers will know, until a while ago, the extent of American Football knowledge in this seat would’ve been that there was a guy called Tom Brady with one of the teams. Even at that, not a clue was had as to which team that was.Experience brings insight, however. Plenty of Brady’s team mates are known now too. A few players from other teams too, but the New England Patriots are the favourites. One can’t help wondering, though, was it another case misguided Patriotism. For, after engaging in … Continue reading Another case of dodgy Patriotism?

Refuges of an insomniac sports fanatic

For those of you not au fait with American Football, the action can be slow. Bordering on the tedious and monotonous in fact. For a long time, it was one sporting area these wheels vowed never to venture. Due to lack of understanding mostly. It just seemed like a lot of pulling and dragging, minimal use of the boot in the game at all and very little skill. Then again, back in the day, similar misgivings were held about things like darts and cricket and rugby and tennis and, yes, even racing!Like everything, however, a little more exposure can change … Continue reading Refuges of an insomniac sports fanatic