Laois lucky to have another good Ross on the grid

Mayo’s Lee Keegan bowing out of inter county fare could hardly be classified as a shock. Especially as it was signposted on this site nearly a month ago. It was, however, sadly in keeping with modern trends of county players retiring too young. The Westport clubman being only 33.

Thankfully, there will always be those who will buck the trend. Colm O’Rourke played with Meath until he was days short, of 38. Mickey Linden went even longer with Down. Billy Byrne, Tony Browne, Kevin Moran and ‘Brick’ Walsh gave remarkable longevity of service.

More recently, the individual who was surely the most senior citizen of the inter county football scene exited stage left. That being Ross Munnelly of Laois.

Laois great Ross Munnelly

No doubt, the loss of the Arles clubman will be keenly felt by Billy Sheehan’s O’Moore County charges, but it would appear they have another talented Ross on their hands.

That is owing to a video clip encountered tonight of the blue and white’s Ross Bolger having a practice session with an American Football team. Needless to say, those observing were awestruck by Bolger’s alacrity at manipulating the oval ball off either boot.

Another Ross with a good left peg

If, as is stated in the clip, the flame-haired forward was being assessed for a shot at being a kicker on a College Football team, Sheehan et al may have a battle on the hands to keep hold of his services.

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