Today was something of a dream come true for me as, after a 26 year hiatus, I was able to return to doing a bit of woodwork. Obviously, as with most things in life, improvisation was necessary to render it possible for me to do so due to circumstance. In this instance, that meant getting my dad – 91 next February God willing – out to give us a hand starting the cutting of the timber as we set about the first bit of work with wood tools since I was in First Year in secondary school as Susie and I set about putting extra shelving in our hotpress.

It’s ready for installation at the time of typing, but, the major take from today was that with a few minor tweaks which are currently in the pipeline will open up even more possibilities than was originally even thought to be the case.

The fruits of the one and only project I completed in Woodwork at school.
The oldest swinger in town!

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