Emotional Joshua gets caught in the same trap as those who went before

Boxing is all about bravado. Maybe not to the same extent as the organised chaos that is Wrestling. But not far off it either. Eddie Hearne has made a life out of ‘playing the game’. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree either in that regard.

The father and son outfit are the Don Kings of modern pugilism. Although it should be pointed out that Barry has significant clout in several other sports including Darts and Snooker and Soccer.

When I first became properly attuned to affairs of the ring – the boxing one as distinct from the mart – King of the electricuted hair was The Man. This was the era of Steve Collins and Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn and Prince Naseem. As is often the case with yours truly, when I got into it, that meant the whole nine yards.

Reading up on the likes of Ali, obviously, Frank Bruno, Mike Tyson, Barry McGuigan et al. However, once their era passed, touch was sort of lost with goings on in the sport.

Aside from the exploits of Katie Taylor and Kellie Harrington, that is. Simply as gut feeling was there was no real standout pugilists to grab people’s attention and reel in non aficionados.

Now, at local level, in many ways, things have never been better for Dunboyne Boxing Club. Both in terms of infrastructure as the club moves ever closer to having a permanent home and success inside the ropes. Their young lady boxers including Tegan Farrelly, Ruby Hynes and Chloe Poleon bringing them success at home and abroad.

The talented young ladies undoubtedly inspired to don the wraps and gloves by the achievements of the two superstars mentioned above. On a broader scale, it’s nice, and important, to see some positivity surrounding Irish boxing. Considering the shambles which has been ongoing under the mismanagement of the IABA going back to the time Billy Walsh was shamefully lost from the Irish system.

Losing Billy Walsh was a deriliction of duty by the IABA

Anyway, to the point which brought about what you are reading. Anthony Joshua’s perhaps surprising but comprehensive second defeat by Oleksandr Usek of Ukraine in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night.

While the Englishman definitely put in a better performance than in the original encounter how one of the judges could score him as having won it is hard to fathom.

Anthony Joshua lost the plot after his defeat

Though not as bizarre as AJ’s bizarre ranting meltdown in the aftermath of the bout. The lad’s a good boxer, no question, but whether he’s quite as good as he – and the often delusional British media – thinks he is.

Like others before him, he has fallen foul of the Eddie Hearne/Sky hysteria machine. You can only assume the expectation, pressure and frustration exploding on him was what caused the out of character but embarrassing outburst post fight.

What the future holds for Joshua only time will tell, but one man who must be smiling to himself is Tyson Fury. Watch this space…

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