Taylor atop the entire world

In the life of a sports writer and/or fan, there are seminal moments which outshine and resonate longer than all others. Like finding a real diamond ring in an already delicious barm brack. For this corner, Kevin Foley’s goal against … Continue reading Taylor atop the entire world

From Sweden with medals!

Some of you might recall a post I had on my Facebook page towards the end of March last year, shortly before Nally’s SuperValu opened in Dunboyne. Prior to the supermarket commencing business, the Nally family – in a generous and very fitting gesture – unveiled a monument which reads “Tom’s Field” in tribute to a Dunboyne institution. Or perhaps two of them would describe it better. The role which Tom Yourell played in my life should be very well known to many at this stage. No apology will be made for saying that in many ways Tom was the … Continue reading From Sweden with medals!

Unending inspiration will be the greatest legacy

It has probably cropped up here previously, but now merits another spin. For many of my younger years we didn’t have ‘all’ the television stations. That is to say, we only had RTE by two. When that eventually changed, initial greatest glee centred on being able to watch Match Of The Day and Father Ted. At that point – and for reasons which said a lot about a prevailing mindset that’s hopefully diminishing – the home broadcaster wouldn’t show the latter. Now read on…

Journalist Hugh McIlvanney Continue reading “Unending inspiration will be the greatest legacy”

Pendleton’s pursuit highlights folly of Olympic proposals

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While circumstances have, naturally, dictated a large part of life’s path for me, it’s still a source of great pride and satisfaction that many long held dreams and ambitions have been achieved. Some haven’t, and most likely never will be, but that’s a story for a different day.

Irish boxer Mick Conlan Continue reading “Pendleton’s pursuit highlights folly of Olympic proposals”

One Irish sporting loss with an unquantifiable impact 

Comments about the power of tradition have appeared here before. After all, how do any of us become interested in anything – seeing others engaged in same. That applies to sport, business or anything else you wish to nominate. How many youngsters – male or female – have been inspired to take up rugby owing to the success our national teams have enjoyed therein in recent times?  Continue reading “One Irish sporting loss with an unquantifiable impact “

Bravado cannot quench the ominous foul stench

The earliest reports of organised boxing in Dunboyne that yours truly could trace were around a half century ago or more. It may come as a surprise to some to learn that Tom Yourell – my dear departed friend, inspiration and mentor – was secretary of Dunboyne Boxing Club at the time. He was probably filling the same role in the GAA Club at the same time. Those were the days before the dual mandate was banned! Anyway, whether by coincidence or intention, the link between boxing and GAA in the area has lived on. For many years the local … Continue reading Bravado cannot quench the ominous foul stench